Its About The Journey

Enjoying the Drive

Not too long before we started this little journey, I got a text from a friend and I really just had to laugh at how well it summed up our lives.

Travel Lessons: It's About the Journey

“Which state are you in?”… Yep, she actually had to ask. I knew we traveled a lot even before we packed up our house and started living on the road, but to be asked that question as a conversation opener really felt like a precursor to what was coming.

A life on the road. Is it just me or did that phrase once represent something negative? I definitively considered it negative at one point. It’s amazing how this internet time we’re living in has made being homeless and backpacking it across the open road a positive and exciting adventure to look forward to versus the unstable lazy vagrant vibe it used to carry.

Regardless, we’re living it now and I’m definitely leaning towards the positive and exciting adventure outlook.

As I’m writing this, we’ve only been on the road for six days. Wait, what?! It feels like it’s been so so so much longer than just six days. Seriously, it hasn’t even been a full week yet but it feels like a lifetime.

We’ve already traveled from Florida to Virginia, stayed in three different states, slept in four different beds, and are traveling to our next destination tonight.

Our trip has barely begun and I can definitely say I’ve thought more than once “can we just be there already?” as we were driving to our next destination (seriously though, teleporting would make this whole thing easier).

But every time I start to think this way I look out the window and see some beautiful fleeting site. And I remember two things. Number one: This is what I wanted. I wanted to chase an adventure with my husband, I wanted to see new things, and I wanted to go to new places. I wanted this. And number two: You have to just live in the moment of it all because this moment is gone just as quickly as the beautiful fleeting sites we pass are.

That is what I choose to hang onto. Life’s a journey, make sure you enjoy the view on the way to your next destination.


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