6 of the Best Reactions People Have to Our Millennial Gypsy Lifestyle

So far, I can say with confidence that one of my favorite things about prepping for this crazy adventure of ours has been seeing and hearing people’s responses to our plan.

I mean, we get it, there’s something funny and a little crazy about hearing that the current plan for our lives is to pack all our stuff up, give up our house, and live on the road out of our car and hotels for several months.   

Honestly, if I heard that from someone, I would think it sounded like a mildly unstable life situation. Okay, maybe a seriously unstable situation. Probably, because it does sound like an unstable situation, but it’s actually really okay.  

So for all you who are seriously wondering what we’re actually doing, here are the top responses we have been getting!

1) Isn’t that expensive?Does hearing that we're going to be living like gyspies on the road spark questions in your mind? You're not the only one. Click through to get answers!

Yeah, our hotel bill is kind of pricey but because Josh is on orders, we’re staying mostly in military hotels and are given per diem pay.

Which means that because the military has ordered him to be in these places, they are also paying for him to be there. 

Plus, military rates are lower than what you’d get if you just booked a hotel online through a normal site so that makes it a little better. 

2) Ohhh, wow. Well, that sounds like fun. (umm, we can hear your doubt and it’s kind of funny to us)  

Everything in life and every situation really is what you make of it. From the beginning, we’ve been considering this to be an adventure of a lifetime that we are always going to remember. 

Besides we’re going to be spending our weekends exploring places we’ve never been together. Boston, New York, Niagara Falls, Busch Gardens just to name a few. Sounds like fun to me!  (You can follow us on social media if you want to keep up with photos of the places we are going to.) 

3) What will you do with all your stuff? What about your house? Are you renting or selling it? 

We packed all our stuff up into storage for now just keeping out what we needed and could fit in the car. 

Which by the way, is quite the site to see when it’s packed up. It’s mostly just clothes (for three seasons) and some kitchen stuff so we don’t have to eat out for every meal.

You’d be amazed at what you can do with a Crockpot and George Forman Grill. 

As for the house, we kept it and plan to keep it until further notice as a rental.

4) How do you feel about that? Doesn’t the idea stress you out? I could never do that! 

I mostly get this one from women with children. Honestly, I totally get it. If we had children ourselves, the mom in me would be thinking “heck, no… There’s no way I can live in a hotel with kids for that long.”  and then I would proceed to stay at home with the kids, without my husband like all the other crazy strong military wives and moms. Shout out to all of you!… But we don’t have kids yet so instead I’m thinking “we got this!” 

Like I said in the question above, I feel good about it.  It will be whatever we make of it and we’re choosing to make it an adventure. 

As far as stress goes, a little secret about me is that this is actually the third time, just since sophomore year of college, that I’ve lived in a hotel. One of those times it’s been without any other place to call home.  

You’re probably thinking “what in the world?” right about now, but basically my stress about the whole thing is quite low because this just ain’t my first rodeo. Although, it is the longest amount of time I’ve ever lived in a hotel. 

The first time I was still attending college classes and our whole family was in a hotel because we were in between houses thanks to a hurricane.

The second time was something similar to our situation now. Josh had temporary orders but we were in the same hotel for the entire two months, had an apartment to go back to, and travelling really just consisted of visiting my parents some weekends.  

This time we’re just embracing the whole situation! 

5) Oh man, that sounds awesome! I wish I could do that! 

This one we mostly hear from men. Big surprise, I know. In all seriousness though, it’s a great adventure as long as you make sure your family and finances are set and stable.  There’s no point in ruining either just for an adventure. 

6) Aww, do you need help?  

As sweet as this is, we’re actually good. Thanks though! 

Seriously, our finances are fine thanks to military orders, we’re mentally and physically prepared for this and to be totally honest, we’re actually loving life in this little hotel room!  

We love the weather up here, visiting with old friends, site seeing, short trips to see family, and the time we get to spend together taking walks or strolling the mall in the evenings after Josh is done with his military obligations for the day. 

We’ve gotten to see old college friends and even ate at our favorite all you can eat sushi place the first day we were here. We’re totally set and doing well because who could ask for more than friends, family, and unlimited sushi, right?

That about sums it up! Anything you are still curious about that we didn’t answer here? Pop it in the comment box below.  

We hope you guys are enjoying reading about our little adventure!

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