The Best New Travel Bag About to Enter the Market

I was recently scrolling through Facebook posts when I ran across a post about the Kosan carrying system.

I’m not usually the type to look too deeply into new travel products or get caught up in the hype, but for some reason, I was compelled to this one. And after further research, I think you will be too!

Travel Pack System - 23

If you decide to pledge for one, I get paid a commission for telling you about this amazing product, at no additional cost to you.  This in no way affects my true feelings and thoughts on this system and I hope they are able to reach their goal to launch so that you and other travels can benefit from this great product! If you want to read more about this you can do so on my disclosure page.

If you’re an avid traveler, backpacker, or hiker then you’ll want to keep reading about this new travel pack system that’s about to hit the market.

It is currently being funded on Kickstarter and you can pledge for your pack today or keep reading to learn more about it first.

The system is designed by a group of travelers who got tired of carrying bulky backpacks that were uncomfortable and lacking usability. If you’ve traveled as much as we have, I think you can agree we’ve all been there.

Comparison - Traditional Backpack vs. Kosan Backpack
This thing would have been perfect when I climbed the great wall of China three years ago!

Or went on a mission’s trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic earlier this year and was forced to carry medical supplies and bottled waters with me in a cheap backpack that started coming apart at the seams and I kept together with safety pins for a week.

Or for when we did the Freedom Trail in Boston. Or for our upcoming trip to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Even Josh’s good Nike bag has had to be repaired twice before.

You get the picture. Normal backpacks just don’t cut it for everyday travel.
Needless to say, we’ve both dreamed of better bags for our travels!
We’re thinking this is the one!

What this amazing group of travelers (whom we’d all like to thank) designed, is a handless, increased comfort, and increased security carrying pack shown in the video below.


3-D View- Travel Pack System

The system features the Carryall Pack (35L) and the Day Pack (15L). Both bags are convertible for 5 different carrying options. The carryall converts to a duffel bag and the daypack converts to a messenger bag for when the occasion calls for it, which we all know it will at some point.


Carrying Sytem
This sleek looking system easily snaps together and has extra padding in the back and around the straps (where it matters most) for added comfort on a long travel day.

Other features include lockable zippers, padded 15″ laptop compartment, a hidden phone pocket, and RFID blocking pocket to keep your passport and other precious cargo safer.

Padded 15_ Laptop Compartment & Valuables Pocket - Carryall Pack.jpg

Which alone is worth it to me, as I’ve seen an uncomfortable number of stolen iPhones and other valuables people were secretly trying to sell me in small markets around the world. As a result, causing me to clutch my own tighter.

The added security is bound to be one of my favorite parts of the bags.

Furthermore, what’s great, is that the entire system is waterproof and it’s all backed by a lifetime warranty!

So, there’s no risk in ordering one. Only added comfort and benefits to all your travels.

Full System - Day Pack & Carryall Pack
Read more about it on their Kickstarter page and pledge for yours today!


Need a new travel backpack? Check out the Kosan Travel Pack System! It offers easier carrying options, added security, and more comfort. Check out more info on Kickstarter using the link:
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